Aušra Barysienė

Photography has been my primary pursuit since 2005. As I was interested in everything, I did not settle on a single theme. Instead I tried everything – from old technologies to digital experimentation and kitsch. Eventually I realized that I wanted to share. This – sharing – then became my niche. Therefore now I teach photography, speak at various companies and organizations, help to select and prepare photographs for displaying at exhibitions. At the same time I create pieces for interior design, do artistic and business portraiture. A portion of my time is dedicated to social and not-for- profit projects. My work has been showcased at a few personal exhibitions as well as collective exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

Laimonas Jankauskas

I photograph for my pleasure and perform commercial projects for about 10 years. I take pictures of urban sceneries and landscapes. I like working in a studio with custom made products creating quality photos suitable for directories, online shops and other needs. I like photography because of its versatility technically and artistically. The best result is produced when both of these aspects are combined.

Jurgita Kunigiškytė

Photographer Jurgita Kunigiškytė photographs portraits, events, creates image pictures for advertising since 2003. "I love to photograph people very much. During the events I try to capture natural emotions: those who are interested, nourishing, persuasive, listening or thinking. In portrait photo sessions, I help a person to reveal her/his personality, to show a unique body language and expression. I try to make this process, which often causes a lot of stress, to be enjoyable. I also make creative photos for promotional campaigns. Because I have both marketing education and work experience in communication and advertising, I help to create a concept for a promotional campaign and accompany it to the public show. 

Enrika Samulionytė

I graduated in architecture with bachelor’s degree in 2001 (VDA, Vilnius) and received my masters in media arts in 2004 (LIU, Brooklyn). I work as professional photographer since 2008. After successful practice in many genres I focus on interior photography at the moment. Why do I photograph? Well … I could be doing something else but the world would look less colorful.

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